"Traveling Music Lessons has been a godsend to my family. Having piano lessons come to my home has made it possible and easy for all of my 4 children to take lessons. Not only is it convenient but the approach that Danielle uses to teaching piano is so logical and easy to understand. My kids are learning the important concepts behind reading music which is so very crucial to having a core understanding of why they are doing what they are doing. 
Danielle is an outstanding teacher as well! She is a true professional: prompt, efficient and her teaching style is great for all types of learners. My kids LOVE her and are so excited each week to earn prizes and to play their songs for her. I am amazed each week at the progress that they are making!"

Shana Fowler
Cave Creek, AZ


"My two daughters started piano lessons with Danielle two years ago at a music school. This summer we decided that, to fit our ever-changing schedule, we would need to look for a piano teacher to give lessons at our home. We were blessed to learn that she was starting her own business, which provided music lessons at your home. The transition was wonderful and her flexibility was a great fit to our schedule. The girls look forward to their lessons with Danielle. They have fun and are excited when they see her at the door. I love that she provides an overview of how the lesson went and lets me know some areas that need practice during the week. I have seen such growth in the past year with both my girls and I am grateful to have Danielle as my daughters’ piano teacher."

Andrea Grech
Chandler, Arizona


"I'm super impressed with Karl and Speedy so far. My daughter really likes both of them and I think they are a great fit for her. I can see her growth already and I look forward to her growth in piano and voice throughout this school year. Thank you so much for being so organized and having this great business! It's been so nice that they come to our house, love it!!"

Lisa Janda
Gilbert, Arizona


"We feel so lucky to have found Traveling Music Lessons, which came about through a referral from a friend. My son had taken piano lessons at a different school since he was in kindergarten and although he had learned quite a bit, it does not compare to what he has learned in a short period of time under one of Danielle’s instructors, Speedy Nutz.

He is currently taking piano and guitar lessons with Speedy, who I cannot say enough good things about. My son looks forward to his lessons with Speedy who is teaching him the many aspects of music. Speedy’s love for Jazz is such a bonus. I hope that someday my son will have as much passion for music as Speedy does. He is such a nice person and an absolutely wonderful instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Plus, how convenient to have the lesson in our home at a day and time frame that works for our family. We feel so fortunate to have found Traveling Music Lessons."

Christine Robles
Gilbert, AZ