Private Lessons (Piano, Voice, Drums, Guitar)

30 minutes weekly
$100 per month
45 minutes weekly
$135 per month
1 hour weekly
$170 per month
Semi-Private Lessons
 * A semi-private lesson includes 2 students and 1 teacher. It is ideal for siblings or friends, close in age and ability level; same gender is recommended, but not always necessary. We only offer semi-private lessons for 12 years and younger. Once the student reaches an intermediate level, determined by the teacher, private lessons will be suggested.
30 minutes weekly
$150 per month ($75 per child)
Sibling Rate
30 minutes weekly
$90.00 per month

Art Experience (private)
1/2 hr weekly
Ages 8 and up
$110 per month

Combining interesting art history stories with art creating, your child will learn at an age appropriate level. Each art experience session will have a theme and involve various mediums to explore. By the end of the sessions, your child will have constructed an art supply kit to keep and enjoy.

Art Workshop (groups of 2-4)
6 sessions, 1 hr weekly
Ages 3 and up 
$95 per child, for groups of 2
$85 per child, for groups of 3 or more
*cost includes supply fee, provided by instructor

Using a variety of mediums, your children will be encouraged to explore the world of art and their own creativity. In this group setting, special attention will be given to each age/level of ability.  Each child will complete an art creation of their own during each workshop. Supplies are provided.