Bringing the gift of music to you

Who we are?
            Traveling Lessons is an Arizona based company offering quality in-home, online, or in-school lessons. We are made up of a large team of teachers who are passionate about what we do and specialize in customizing your lesson experience.
What we do?
            Traveling Lessons offers two types of programs: in-home, and online private lessons.
What makes us unique?
Our InstructorsWe know that the teacher/student relationship is a valued one, so we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your instructor in order to establish a strong foundation as you progress. Traveling Lessons specializes in connecting you with a qualified teacher who will uniquely tailor each lesson to best fit your personality and learning style. By doing so, we offer you a better and more personal lesson experience!
Our teachers come to you highly qualified, with collegiate education, and professional experience. Each instructor is given a complete background check.

Our MethodWe believe that each student learns in their own unique way and it is important that we, as teachers, are able to teach the repertoire with that in mind. Because each person has their own learning style, we strive to incorporate all our senses (touch, site, sound, etc.) when teaching a lesson. This is where our matching expertise comes in: connecting you with the right instructor who will uniquely tailor your lessons to meet your individual needs is key to establishing a strong foundation that will produce growth.

Our ProgramsFamilies come to Traveling Lessons, not only for our quality service, but also for the convenience of in-home lessons. We provide an incredible opportunity for your child (or you) to learn and develop a passion for something from the comfort and safety of your own home, either in person or online.

Why choose Traveling Lessons?
            Our team is passionate and cares greatly for each and every student! Our tailored lesson experience makes the Traveling Lessons family unique, and our qualified instructors provide a professional and long-lasting relationship to their students. We also offer unique ensemble classes, performing opportunities throughout the year, and various summer camps and events for all ages.